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❝ I crave something I’ve never tasted. ❞

— 6 word story (via koalatea)


I want her top 


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Swim the way you just did for our team.
柄学園の三人男の子:  御子柴 清十郎と松岡 凛と似鳥 愛一郎 [Free! 12]


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So my older brother was in a book store and picked up a book about the difficulties faced by same sex parents in society today when a woman came up and bitched him out for being “too young to be reading a book about THAT sort of people.” He saw that she was carrying the third Hunger Games Book so he stared her dead in the eyes and hissed “Prim dies.” and walked away and I have never been prouder to have him as my sibling.

❝ The girl usually supports her brother if she knew that he is in love.

The boy usually prevents his sister if he knew that she is in love.

Because she knows the meaning of love, and he knows the intentions of men. ❞

— (via nizariat)

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